1. Garbage Man

From the recording H.e.M.P.

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Music by Greg Hatchard
Lyrics by Greg Hatchard, Lenny Mabee and Galen Hanson



Now every week on Thursday
Right around mornin time
My garbage man he pulls up
At the bottom of my drive

Takes my garbage to the truck
And throws it in the back
He pulls that magic lever
And watches it compact

Now he's quiet as a church mouse
And he doesn't make a sound
You know that's why they call him
The best garbage man around

Yeah he moves along from house to house
And he does it all over again
Aint no doubt about it
He's our number one garbage man

Here he comes again
My garbage man
Pickin up cans
His name is Stan
My garbage man

Then I woke one Thursday morn
And much to my chagrin
Was a brand new rookie garbage man
Doin what Stan shoulda been

He was throwin cans and makin noise
Enough to wake the dead
He turned around and he scratched his ass
And he said his name was Fred

I said "Hey dude, what the hell?"
"Where's my good man Stan?"
Said he packed it up and he took his truck
And he's gone to Afghanistan

He's gone off to do his part for you
You know his time has come to pass
He's headin' to the middle east
Gonna kick some Taliban ass

Watch out Taliban---
For my garbage man
His name is Stan+
In Afghanistan
Blowin' up vans+
My garbage man
Sacrificial lamb+
In a government scam
We miss Stan+
My garbage man


Now just the other evening
Was by chance that I did meet
Good ol' Stan the Garbage Man
He was down and out and on the street
Stan came back but I tell you now
You know he just aint quite the same
He took a hit and they sent him home
With shrapnel in his brain
I said "Hey Stan, where ya been?"
"Sure did miss you 'round here"
Then I noticed he was all messed up
And they blew off half his ear
He said "War is just a waste of time
It's all about th greed and gain
And what it does to guys like me
Is a down right dirty shame"

Down right dirty shame
Never be the same
Now Stan's in pain
Lost half his brain
Got his country to blame
Yeah the dirty game
Yeah the dirty shame
A dirty shame